P5180009Engine Tank 190 (ET-190)
Fire Attack Tanker
1995 Spartan Gladiator/Marion Body
1200 Gallon Water Tank
1500 GPM Hale Pump with Foam Pro
1000 ft of Supply Hose


et290 (2)Engine Tank 290 (ET-290)
Water Supply Tanker
2004 Mack/Pierce Body
3000 Gallon Water Tank
1500 GPM Waterous Pump


ET 190r 220Ladder 190 (L-190)
2001 Pierce Dash/Pierce Body
105 Foot Aerial Ladder
300 Gallon Water Tank
1500 GPM Waterous Pump


2007_MEET104Engine 190 (E-190)
Water Supply/Hose
1986 Mack RM/Darley custom body
4500 Feet of 5″ Supply Hose
700 Gallon Water Tank
1500 GPM Darley Pump
Front Mount Squirrel Tail Suction

27-Mrtlke-graphicsRescue 490 (R-490)
Heavy Rescue
2014 Rescue 1/Spartan Chassis
Hurst Extrication Tools
Medical Equipment


r390Rescue 390 (R-390)
Misc. Rescue/Hazmat/Prime Mover
2006 Pierce Contender
Gas Meters
Hazmat Decontamination Equipment
Medical Equipment


Service 190 (S-190)
2011 Ford Super Duty Utility
Gas Meter
Medical Equipment


MVC-002SDEP Spill Trailer
Contains several oil and chemical absorbent supplies.
Over pack material and drums
Hazmat Suits, boots, gloves
Reference Library



HPIM0467.JPGMass Decontamination Trailer
Tents, Showers, Sprayers
Communication Equipment



amb(1)Rescue 590 (R-590)
Rescue 690 (R-690)
Both are Ford E-450’s/Road Rescue