History of the Company:

In 1927 the citizens of Brooklyn Center established a volunteer fire department. This was a response to simultaneously occurring fires and other emergencies. Prior to this time, Brooklyn had no Fire Department and had to rely on assistance from The Danielson Fire Department. As a result of the incidents, concerned citizens came together and formed the Mortlake Fire Company.

The name Mortlake is derived from the manorial estate which existed prior to the incorporation of the Town of Brooklyn in 1786. The Mortlake Manor resided between the towns of Pomfret and Canterbury. The name is taken from the village of Mortlake outside of London, England.

The fire department has thrived on the generosity and dedication of volunteers and a community willing to support our mission – to keep the citizens of both Brooklyn and the surrounding area safe and maintain security for all.

Other history of the Mortlake Fire Company:

1950 – Mortlake Fire Company received National Recognition for the introduction and use of large diameter hose for rural fire fighting.
1975 – The area’s first Heavy Rescue with Hurst Tool Capabilities and specialized extrication equipment.
1990 – Mortlake Ambulance was established and offered full-time Emergency Ambulance Service for the Town of Brooklyn – prior to this, coverage was provided by the Killingly-Brooklyn Ambulance Company
1994 – West Wauregan Fire Company voted to merge with Mortlake Fire – the West Wauregan Fire Station is still maitained by Mortlake as Station 290.
2004 – Mortlake along with the Danielson and Dayville Fire Departments created the QV Rescue Task Force which was formed to respond to technical emergencies in the area as requested